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Hi! I'm Kirsten

Our Philosophy - We are unique.
We are the "local corner where the kids hang out " . . you know . . . to find out "Wat's up?"

XTREME CENTRAL is a "Teenage Portal" - a complete, youth oriented, Interactive Internet community, currently composed of 16 established Teen Interest Websites... with No Uncontracted Outside Links.

We are a presentational mixture of a magazine, amateur sports competition, personal page, and "graphically rich" interactive comic book.

ChineseSense by Jenny Tsai - Taiwan Our hosts are the established comic book personalities! We have a full-swing variety of youthful interests ranging from the Extreme Sports to the Fine Arts.

A large portion of our content is requested and supplied by our audience. We receive hundreds of photos and "personal stats" from our "athletes" and "achievers" around the world each month! This attracts the parents as well as our target. "THE WALL" for "personal skater pages only" . . . is refreshed every few days to keep up with the overwhelming response.

Our pilot "College Internship" program is finishing its first semester with tremendous success. We offer "hands-on" Internet publishing experience for University students in the schools of Journalism, Photography, Graphic Arts and of course, Computer Sciences.

Focused on the future of Cyberspace and Generation "Y", XTREME CENTRAL is positioned to be a lasting presence in this market opportunity.

Sponsorship Benefits

After Search Engines, CHAT rooms are the most popular activity on the Internet. When our market is not "Surfing" - they are "Chatting".

Our sponsors receive global Premium Logo Signage - ie - Banners with a Bang! 24 hours a day, on the fastest growing youth Chat on the Internet! has had over 1,000,000+ participants since its inception late March 1997!

The opening screen for - where the audience waits for the chat to load, is reserved exclusively as a promotional platform for our supporting sponsors.

We want our market to see and appreciate your participation.
We want you to have the maximum exposure for
increased brand name awareness,
the opportunity to create consumer and trade excitement,
and to increase your bottom line sales.

XTREME CENTRAL offers its sponsors on going opportunity to announce their current promotion that would be of interest to our market. As we increase our CHAT capabilities, we will insure our sponsors continued premium positioning.

We offer this "Leading Edge Gateway" to today's Youth Market at reasonable rates in conjunction with any of the standard advertising programs.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience for the details.
Tel 973-359-9968 - Fax 973-539-9552 - E-Mail us

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