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Dietch Projects Bowl

Hey Mols,
Skaters in frigid NYC
have had real luck this winter, due to the Dietch Gallery's current exhibition, which includes a fantastic kidney bowl. A wooden sculpture with pool coping all the way around, the kidney-shaped shallow end is 4 foot into a 9 foot deep end.
The show runs through Feb 1st, and we're not sure what will happen to it afterwards. Hopefully, it will find a new home nearby. The show highlights gifted artists like Ed Templeton and Larry Clark. It is open to all skaters, once a waiver is signed. Helmets required, but sometimes optional. Sessions have been going down daily, with serious rippers stopping in from Virginia thru Rhode Island. Stop in for a ride!
Dietch Projects -- Tues-Sat 12-6pm
18 Wooster Street
-- Canal and Grand Sts. --
E,1,9 train to Canal St./Chinatown

Kate's gonna be on TV!!!

Check it out!

Kate's back with all kindza stuff!!!!! boobiessm.gif - 17953 Bytes Modart

Keep A Breast - Awareness + Action

See What some very Talented X Sports Athletes are up to in their spare time!! .. at Modart.

Announcement!! Skaters Chat - Kewl! We're up!!

and better than ever!

If your lookin' for the SKATEPARK stuff or RAMPS and RAILS
YOU'RE LOST! gOTTA go over to Click here for Hot Rails
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Art, Comics,graphics,nd punk

Art, music, alternative sicknesses

WARPED TOUR 2000 in the Mansion ..

crowd surfing WARPED TOUR Hey man
heres a tip to help keep interest and make your site alittle less confusing
break up your site into smaller sections it will help the pages load faster right now your site is about as easy to follow as this e-mail ... i'm not trying to be rude or anything just trying to help you out
perfect pain


YO! Thanks for writing! We appreciate your support and in a lot of ways you're right .. we just get so busy - that we just keep adding stuff and then every once and a while .. we cut it!!
Send me or E-mail us some pictures of you and your friends 'n a short bio or a few words of wisdom . . and I'll put' em on the web! . . .

if you can - Send them to :
45 Park Place South
PMB 101
Morristown, NJ 07960
I'll return the pics
Thanks Later . . . Slider

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... Yo!! .. Need your Help! - Everyone Please!

Hook Us Up with your High School ..
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EXceLLeNT! and Thanks!

Where might I be able to get a good freestyle BMX bike?
I am Jopapa. I am 10 yrs. old and I live in Madoc Ontario. I need to know where I can get a good beginner freestyle bike for not too much money. Do you think you can help me? .. gotta_b_kd_now@hotmail.com Jopapa

Anybody wanta sell a bike? Let him know! Laters ....

The NIKE OLYMPIC Commercials

What was Up with THAT?!?!?!?!
Click Here and find out ...
Then please E-mail us with how you see it –
it’s important..... and you’re NOT going to believe it! ..
Laters – Slider

WASN - Kate Gengo :)
is back with 2 Fab New interviews
...both in from the coast!!
Check 'em out..

Breast Cancer Fund-raiser Every Month is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Help the cause and Buy a T-shirt!

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WARPED Tour 2000

So - What's every body wearing back to school????

Tattoos, Body Piercing and Fashion

Check out the
over in the Park..
and find out!

hey whats up - im 15 and am starting my own Wrestling Federation. so if anyone in the n/w ohio area is intrested e-mail me at.... samthemanunusual@aol.com

BMX dirt bikes - NSS NYC 2000

What ever happened to NISS??

... They Dropped the "I"!
Now they're NSS!!
Check it out!

..And FYI - Yeah - we're startin' to sell stuff ... and wat's really kewl - is that we're takin' a little piece of every sale and puttin' in into a fund for:

'round the world
As in your town and mine!!!
We got this idea from those skaters in Kiev ... remember ... 'cause we thought it would be very excellent if we could help 'em out! .. like Paul Neuman .. but we're not into spagetti sauce here.. hahahaa ..
So heads up - we're puttin' together some sick T's 'n hats 'n whatever .. Anyone selling anything on XC has to fork up! .. 'N that's the WORD!

Skater Chicks and Board Babes
A jUst For Us Girlz Type place....

Chris Edwards'
D=Tour 2000
For the NYC Review .. Click Here!

D=Tour is takin' a break
Check out the WRAP so far!! -

Hey !! We got another New Section!!
This sucks! Consumer Product Alerts for kids
"Consumer Alerts Between Friends!"
Here's a spot where you can
Pass the Word!

Burnt by an Auction? Ripped off with some phoney ads .. "the Piece of Sh*t never worked" .. OR .. even the GOOD STORIES - like Cool Connections for slick stuff ... or your FAV Thing and why...
I knew this really old Dude who always used to say ..
"We're all Bozos on this Bus! ... and we gotta stick together!" ..
He was right - Check it out!

Skaters Chat - Kewl!

Looking for someone to roll with? . . .. i have nuthin to say except this is FUN!!
hah yea anyhoop, i'm not askin anythin' so i'll just tell yea stuff...i skate and i snowboard.....yah that kicks ass!! anyhoo i'm hopin to hook up wif a guy soon! cuz welp i'mma kool chic! and umm i like ta party and ... lol!! icq = 29005220 i'm such a cheeeeeese head!! a lil advice from me, don't chase the purple pickles, they have poisonious wambats on them!! gotsta ski-daddle!!
luv ! e-mail: fatal_fx@anti-social.com

This way to the WALL..........

wE also HAVE A HUGE collection of Skater Themed "done by You" Websites over on
"The WALL"

SSSOo send me your addresses 'n we'll check 'em out!

Like this one:
This is my page. it kicks ass! check it out http://members.aol.com/danman2832/sss.html
e-mail me and tell me if you like it. peace out!

Gotcha Finals BMX CA

I think we'd probably use about an 8' to 8'6" trans for what you want. Then again...it depends on what you want to do. If you like air, use an elliptical trans where you start off at 9' and tighten to 8'. Overall though, I'd say stick with a constant radius. Hope this helps! Slider

Art, Comics,graphics,nd punk

OK! - For all of you who appreciate SICK ART, Kewl Expression - and, as soon as you send in some clips, - Hot Underground Bands . . .

We bring you Art, music, alternative sicknesses
(Talk about a Different way to show off YOUR talents...)

No Body does MAiL the WAy thAT we dO!!
The Mail ROom
The MaiL ROom - PhOTos 'N WOrds FRom 'rOund . .

Graphic by Jenny Tsai

nEW Rippin' bOARD Zine

Aggressive Inline Skate Dude

Hot Rails' Aggressive Inline!

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Don't forget - HOT RAILS' Mega Sale!!

360 flip to Fakey

ALSOoo - just in case any body cares . . . right now - there are over 500,000! of us
just comin' through the front door every month!!
Your AD here That's MAJOR EXPOSURE!!
cOOL huH!


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Also - anyone e-mailin' pics in - would greatly appreciate .jpeg or .gif formats - .bmp is cool too - If you never see your shots - it's probably 'cause I couldn't open 'm . . .

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And now
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