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Canada - Lalena grinding a curb

Hey!! Here is a few pictures of me skating. Use whatever ones you want. I'm an 18 year old female who loves to skate aggressivly especially street. I live in Peterborough for school, and I'm often in Barrie, Guelph and Kitchner.
I got my first pair of aggressive skates in 95... and stopped at the end of the year (what the heck came over me). Just recently I've totally gotten back into it. Everything is so different, so I guess I'm old school (I still skate anti-rockered).
Canadian - Street curb grinding I just wanna say to every skater out there, even boarders, that if you see a girl skating, encourage them PLEASE!! Don't harrass, insult or laugh at them. We need your support to keep on skating.
I don't skate in the park very often because of the insults I get, it's pathetic, and must stop!
Oh! I'd also like to say that if there are any girl skaters in Ontario, email me at Thanks!!!! Lalena

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letter for your page
Hi, my name is Rachel, I'm 14 and live in Wichita, KS. There's not a lot of girls that vert skate like I do. I'm trying to get my friend Julia (on the right of the pic, me on the left) into it but I think that she's a little bit SCARED!
I only go once a week to the skate park, and everyweek I get just a little bit better. I'm glad to see that there's a place were other girls relate to what I like. Thanx!

Luv those rails....

Hullo there
Hey, Whats goin on? My name is ShellZ.
Muh friend Mike blades. Just though maybe you could hook him up with puttin a pic of him up on your page. If thats possible...Kick ass. Mike is 15 and hes from Pembrooke,Mass. Hes muh babe. Thanx for takin the time to read this...Check ya later man.
Juss another one of those grrlz,

From: heather ~~~~~~~~~)
I have been searching for a female aggresive home page all day. As you said in your story in my neighborhood, im the only girl who hangs around other boy aggresive skaters.
I just heard about this sport a week ago. I Saw all the stuff one boy could do & now i am hooked. I have allready started saving up for my aggresive skates.At the moment all I have is rec. skates.
I have started doing little things o a ramp about as tall as my knee. I can do safety's ,lu kane,hippie grab,& thats all I know of .

I am going to start bying the magazine "daily bread' ive heard lots about that . I also have two friends interested in this sport ,we go to our skating ring every saturday & sunday . We jump on the little benches there & such.
I am very happy to find out his is a unisex sport I thought it was only for guys & I would have to be a rec. skater. By the way what in yalls opionon is the best (cheapest if possible) skate at a low price?? thanks
PEaCE-Out Heather:)

CHEAP SKATES - so like Slider found these auction guys - they're not wrapped the tightest in terms of business people - but they do get the best skates for ridiculous prices... Just click on the "Happy Banner" - ha, ha - "TeLL 'em Slider sent me!" - and you'll see what I'm talkin' about! - Cool ! . . . . . . . . . . .

!JUNKI and friends.... sup... 15-F-sk8er chick here
I'm Mandi... A 15-F been told FINE sk8er chick. I LOVE punk and Ska. I've been aggro sk8en 2 yearz and speed sk8en 7 yearz. I'm from St.Pete, Fla.
I got hella mucho pics. :O) I play drumz ina punk band and LOVE 2 mosh.
Well, G2G. L8z 2 all dem FINE sk8taz. -Mandi

u r one cool chick!
I have to say it 12 years old and do all that stuff! now thats pretty cool! I would love to do all that stuff but my town and countrie i come from dont actually liek have that stuff!
hey u have a good motto and a lovely attitude!
just get out there and do it...i nearly broke my back on my skateboard.. so i am not much of a speed demon any more... but i think i will give it a go after ur words of wisdom...
thanx..... i have to say...u r one cool chick!!!
Love me....... Josie

thanx for answering my letter! i dont have a scanner, but i will send some pics of me skating in the mail as soon as i can. keep up the kik ass work!~anDrEa

Well - That 'bout sums it up AGAIN for now....! E-mail ME!
If ya wanta see MORE LETTERS!! . . . . .

Have a Happy!! - Kirsten

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