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Hey Ladies - here's one from a devoted fan!

Ed's Backslide

Girls are pretty cool!
My name is Ed, I live near Philly, PA, and I've been skating for 3 1/2 years, and I would just like to say that I think women skaters are some of the best damn athletes out there!
I love going to skate parks and seeing women there tearing up the men, I think it's great.
Hell, I think Fabiola could skate circles around most of the men in the pro divisions.
Always Keep Skating True To Yourself!! Don't give up just because of criticism.
Just skate, Special_Ed


For Skatepark Information - Click here! We get this question alot!

Hi my name is Christy, And I need some info on how to get a skate park started in my home town.
Now, I don't skate ( even though I've tried but I love the sport and it would be great to have a park here. I live in Midland Texas and the closest skate park is Dallas. Yes there are some little put together ones but nothing permanent. So , I was wondering if you could tell me how much equipment I would need, $ cost, how would I get it and how would I set it up . Thanks for your time.

Ok - There's this great video from Airwalk that you can show to the powers that be . . . Send a $7 check to:

S Park
P.O. Box 1217
Grand Rapids, MN 55744-1217
It's got interviews and stats and tel. #'s etc - some real stuff including that fact that although skaters get hurt - nobody sues . . . (important stuff!)
After that - you can have the powers contact Hot Rails - They do a lot of equipment that you'll will need at low prices .

chanelle from Australia

How's it goin'?
My name's chanelle. I live and skate in Melbourne = Australia. My fellow skating mate is Jodie Tyler which i think Kate have met when she was over there in 96 and 97. Although in competitions, we always compete against each other, we always have so much fun which is what the sport is all about.

I have been skating for about 3 and a half years now and think that over the years girls have definitely improved, but i still think that most of us are always taken granted for as some sponsors just dick us girls around.

Australian skatepark

I must say though that my sponsors = K2 is the best, they treat their riders very well even the girls.

In this particular competition held here in Queensland, Australia in April, us girls had so much problems with them, one problem was that we did not have any media coverage, our prize money was cut down and our runs were at night with bad lightings and because it was dark, they had all spectators out of the grounds so no one was watching!

They are having another comp in December and none of the girls had invitations to compete.

This is the kind of attitude that sucks when being a girl! No one really cares!!! I don't give a shit anymore so i now just skate for myself!!!
I reckon that it's excellent that you girls having the skating network (W.A.S.N.) so that other girls form different countries can see whats happening and the standard of women's skating.

Well goodluck and all the best! :) chanelle

Thanks Chanelle, that was great!
Now - Here's one that even I don't get....

Was this page made by girls because it is so stereo typical & immature. the women skaters i know & compete with are nothing like what this page represents. i support promoting women skaters but in a positive light, get away from the stereo types that are placed on us by others.
if you have any responses please feel free to contact me. Susan

HOT RAILS KID AND AN AMERICAN FLAG! OK, So - like if you got a better way to hook us all up - where's your contribution? It's easy to be "a back-seat quarter back" (as the guys would say)

but the reality in life is:
"It's not what people say that counts - It's what they do..."

and "stereo typical" or NOT -
we're here doin'!

What's everyone else think about this letter? Comments PLEASE!

We keep all of the letters from before . . . . .

Have a Happy!! - Kirsten

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