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Women's Aggressive Skating Network

Who is Kate Gengo? - We asked her. . .

"7 years ago, I took a pair of TRS Rollerblades, and anti-rockered them.
I wanted to grind!

I was just starting out and dance skating with Team Rollerblade.
Kate on the Mega FLY at SPORTSDOME, Wilkes-Barre PA I met Angie Walton (who’s now Editor of Daily Bread) and witnessed what I thought was the most exciting thing I had ever seen . . . Skaters - airing on a Half –pipe!

From then on – my life changed. I became addicted and wanted more.

Skating was my drug.

Droppin' In .. .

I realized that I was the only girl in my neigborhood who was aggressive skating. Angie was in California and I was in NYC.

So I hung out with the guys.
That turned out to be good and bad.

The guys both pushed me and made fun of me. They didn’t know they pushed me –

that was just “me” . . . wanting to be as good as them.

The “making fun part” made me tougher. Today, I still hear the same type of stories from girl skaters, and in a way I’m glad. If we didn’t have obstacles and there wasn’t a challenge of becoming a better skater, then it would get pretty boring.

Rulin' the Rail
I believe that it takes a strong willed girl to be in a male dominant life style. . Yes, I believe it's a life style - but I also believe it's a sport.

It became a sport, the moment we skaters brought it to competition.

This is all good – but competition isn’t for everyone. You have to be prepared for corporate sponsorship and know the responsiblities of being a professional. Unfortunately, the emphasis today, is all about competitions – which brings me back to the girl’s scene.

There isn’t much support in the woman’s divisions of the competition circuits. Kate enjoys discussing issues with fellow skaters For 3 years, I traveled to compete against only 6 other girls at any given competition. It was very exciting and I wouldn’t give up my experiences for anything!

However, unless there is more out there for girls, it’s going to die. Girls are getting better and that’s great – but why not start off “GRASS ROOTS STYLE” like the whole skate scene started?!

Demos, all night skate parties – jam sessions at the kid’s house with the mini . . .
We, the skaters – have to make it happen!

is our way of making it happen!

Kate's WASN  Mascot! I’m sure that a lot of you share the same feelings as Kate – so while Kate and I are working to put together a package of benefits for all of us, we’d love to hear what you think - what you need - so please
E- Mail us!

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