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The INTERNET is now the #1 Media Choice
to reach the TEEN / YOUNG ADULT market.

Marketing opportunities - Assorted Logos from Xtreme Central Webzine There has been no other generation in history that has become so computer literate in so little time. The public school systems, in educated countries, begin computer training in the first grade. By the time that these students have reached middle school, they are not only accomplished game wizards, but are well versed in word processing programs and skilled in accessing the Internet for school research projects. By the time that they reach high school, they have acquired the skills to customize their "desk tops", expand their hard drives, participate in the bulletin boards and the chat rooms, the news groups and the "hack houses" where there is an abundance of bootleg treasure . ... They're hooked!

More and more of our audience are spending their time creating their own amazing web pages, programmed with animation and music, as evidenced by our HOT LINX section where they can proudly post their addresses on "The WALL".

The television industry is growing concerned. When consumers were asked what activity they sacrifice in exchange for time on the computer,
87% answered that they "gave up Television."

The huge variety of Entertainments on the Internet is very seductive. The fickle interests of developing Young Adults, presents a constant Marketing Challenge.

We have elected to Target the Market by Age Groups as opposed to fleeting interests. To that end, we are constantly opening new areas of interest within the established community.

In Xtreme Central, there is always something new to discover
and there is always a new interest group to attract.

We believe that this pattern of development will enable us to constantly provide the greatest exposure possible for our clients. For more specific information on the Webzine Sections Click Here.

The World Wide Web is growing at lightning speed and our target market is riding right along.


To help illustrate the capabilities and economical advantage of advertising on the Internet, we offer the published 1997 Subscription Base figures from a few leading Specialty Sports Magazines who target the same market.

Subscription Base
1998 / 1999 World Wide Projection: 35,000
Transworld's SNOWboarding
1997 / 1998 World Wide Projection: 49,000
INLINE Magazine - 1997 / 1998 World Wide Projection: 40,000
XTREME CENTRAL 1997 monthly visitors: 80,000 (5/15/98)
1998 World Wide Monthly Projection: 180,000
Actual Monthly Visitors (10/18/98): 320,000
Actual Monthly Visitors (5/2/99): 500,000+
Current Monthly Projection for Spring 2000: 1,000,000+

Your own collection of familiar Media Kits will support these figures.

There is no magazine or web hosting service, at this time, that can deliver 500,000+ Target traffic directly to your product sales offering like
Xtreme Central.

We have your  Market!


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