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Dear BladeGirlz,
I am a 14 year old female skater and I would like to talk a little bit about Camp Woodward. Elysa AKA TiLt I'm sure everyone here has heard of it one way or another but in case you don't know, Woodward is a Bikes/Boards/Blades camp out in central PA.
I went there for one week and during that week I was one of seven girl skaters (boarders and bladers). It was such an amazing experience!
Even thought this site seems to trash on the guys, at camp, that's who you learn from. You don't have to worry about being put down or anything because just as long as you're not afraid to try, nobody messes w/ you.
While I was there, I got to see Robyn Miller, one of the female aggressive pros, ride.
So here's a tip, if you fall, you just gotta skate back up and try it again. Don't leave until you get it!
Peace out, Elysa AKA "TiLt"

Hi Kate,
My name is Kate too, I met you at NISS finals. I live in Northern California. I wanted to write to you to say that there should be a girls skate fest on the west coast too.
Last year, finals were in Florida, and it was too expensive to fly out there after the results of regionals were found out.
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The all girls skatefest was also way over on the east coast. It is difficult for many girls to get that far for a contest, I think it would be benificial for there to be a contest on both the east and the west coasts. That way many girls could get a chance to compete in an all girl atmosphere.
Thank you, Kate R.

DaSilva at Summer X

Wicked site --- it's bout time there are some good girl skate sites around... enouf pics of our f*cking asses and boobs on the net man... it's about time we got some recognition for just plain old amazing bladding!
True that - That's Fabiola at Summer X to the left.. 'n we got a whole slew of new letters from fellow chick skaters.. like this next one ..
I just want to sayI think that what you are doing with women's skating absolutley rocks. It's about time that our force got some recognition. We are here to kick ass and I believe we are doing quite well. But we always have room to do better.
So all you girls out there stay dedicated and work hard. If we are gonna prove ourselves we need to stay true to our sport and other girl skaters... thanks! Cara

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Later, Shelleybrooke, XTREME CENTRAL

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