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Yo! It's a done deal!

Women's Aggressive Skating Network
The W.A.S.N. and
presented the First All Woman's ASA
Skating Competition

NYC Riverside 1999

WoW!! and it went down beyond!!!

Lisa Kinn

Everyone who's a "who's who" in Ladies'Skating, who could make it showed up and blew the course off the map!!
It was Awesome !!

Chris Edwards and Ray Mendez

Lisa Kinn took 4th Place Expert Street.

Chris Edwards and Ray Mendez joined the party for some rockin' MC sh*t and called the rounds . . .

Judges flew in from all global Haunts including Carrie Foryes, Head Judge, and Salima Sanga in from Sweden!

Kelly Dowley - came to check out the girls sk8 scene - in from Boston - from ASA qualifier in MASS.... there were only 2 girls in that whole comp!

wall ride

Wall Ride . . .

Debra West, from TX - she'd been in town for 2 weeks - Kate got her to come - she's awesome....

Debra She was happy to be in NY 'cause she used to live here.... but she thinks it's too crowded...

So many of the Girls were there 'cause Kate's a very impressive persuader!

Fallen Heffernan was in from FL to support our effort. Stefani Hettes, from Greentown PA heard about the event from this website Yes!! These Girlz really represent the girls scene real well-- and the guys came out to check the "Talent" - - including Milguel Hernadez - who did the T-shirt design - great job!!! and thanks - some sick art..

Hailey, from NY - heard about the Event at Woodward - she left a day early just to compete in the event. ... Props to all the Moms who drove from all over the east to get these skaters together! Jamie and Jennifer, from Rochester NY, heard about it from the Web, slept on a bus and then on a park bench waiting for things to kick in! Now that's DEDICATION!

The mini ramp was a free form comp - loose and cool.... Fallen reigned again.

Ashley Marie Gaizhand Ashley Marie Gaizhand - perhaps the youngest skater to compete, follow right behide Fallen in weightless tricks and grinds. (1st trick, she went for a full 360!)

Naomie Ross

Naomie Ross took first StreetBeginner.

A constant breeze off the river and those famous NYC park Trees saved the day from turning into another summer inferno.

Janna Ivey

Kate had everyone rockin'!

The top 6 skaters (For the Results - Click Here) won immediate placement in the ASA Finals '99 and will be on their way to FL to compete.

Street course comp was outrageous! With Chenique Zayas pulling a backwards full flip off the Bauer Box to steel "Best Trick of the DAy" - First attempt - missed the landing - Second - got the landing but crashed - to the crowd's delight - 3rd try out- Nailed IT!!!

13 yr old Fallen Heffernan flew through the course as if gravity did not exist! If ever there was a graceful featherlike nymphet... that's her...............
When people say that the Pros make it look easy - They must be talkin' about Fallen - Taking the First Prize for Expert Street was no surprise to anyone who watched her fly...

Nicholas and his new Scooter donated by Another fun part of the day was a Major raffle of the sickest of prizes donated by our sponsors - Hot Rails gave away an awesome SLANT - Chappell - a set of Ski Boards and the grand prize - a $500 mint techno DASH-BOARD sk8board scooter in high octane yellow gloss! My buddy Nicholas, 10 years old from the neighborhood, was the happy recipient of the grand prize. Way to Go Bro!

Kate and I want to thank everyone who came out for this first event - We're getting some major press 'n stuff that we'll tell you about as it comes in.

This is really important - because - this event brought a lot of attention to women's skating and Women's aggressive sports in general.

Kate and I are both already looking forward to our next
All Women's Aggressive Sk8 Fest
and as soon as we know more about those details - we'll let you know!

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