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there, I said it.  Snowboarding has to be one of the most exciting sports I participate in."  Kate Gengo

Kate's in from some rough weather ... Check it out!

Fabiola- Gravity New Providence RI

Brace yourself for another season !!
It's SPRING 2002 and i've been on the road ..
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(Fabiola - Gravity - new Providence RI)

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Hi, I found your site trying to find chick skating communities. I'm a 14 yr old girl from 'Ostraya' (Australia) and I like what you've set up there. There was an all-girls day at this indoor skate park near me, but only 6 girls turned up. I was mighty dissapointed. Some girls you should look out for, are, Monica Shaw (from Sydney) and Tess Henkle (she's only 10) they're great aussie skaters and were the special guests of that day. Including the editor of this magazine i read (all aussie) still, im happy 2 see youse support this scene. skate forth...
from Stephanie


Elko Nevada

Oi! I'm Lexx!
Got sumthin4 yer site

I'm Lexx from SLC Utah. I don't blade, and I don't skateboard, but I BMX and I am learning to motocross ride.
It's pretty cool coz I LOOOOVE gettin on my bike and just gettin some air, ya know? I don't think I'm ready for sponsers but I have people that are willing to sponser me. So it's cool! I give MAJOR props to the chicks on the site that blade and skateboard! Thats hella cool that they do what they want and not think only guys can do that shnit.
I will send a pic of me on my bike when I get em developed, but for's a pic of me in Elko Nevada,on my way to California for a Newark BMX competition. Sadly I was the only girl,hoping there would be at least one other. But Oh well. Catcha later! ~Lexx - guitarist for punk band called Barcode Green





Man - These LADIES RULE!!!


Ayumi at Gravity New Providence, RI
Ayumi at Gravity New Providence, RI

Hi Kate !!
just wanted to tell you that your site is great. You've probably heard this many times, but your site is the only one (for I know) that gives attention to the girls scene and lesser known girls (not only fabby, ayumi or martina). I find it much cooler to see girls that are of the same level in skating as I am.
Im a 20 year old girl from Holland and I've been skating for some 4 years now. Because I miss 80 % of my hearing I' ve never been really good at it. It has something to do with a lesser balance, I don't know the details. But I always had fun in skating and that's the most important thing (blah blah).
Anyway, this year we've created a real girls scene here in Holland. We've had our own girls competion at the championships this year and we try to go skate with each other as many as possible. We're only with 7 girls in this country but it's at least a start. The coolest thing would be to have a WASN here. I really like the idea of it and it's always more special to me to skate with girls than with guys. Well I quit now. This letter reads very serious, but hey this isn't my own language. I would like to hear from you if you find the time.
Greetings Karin
    Thanks for the Props!! Karin - but your pics didn't make it .. please try again so we can post them with your wonderful letter - if you can - send them HERE - cool!

Skateboards for little people
brdgrllft.gif - 9671 Bytes

"Hannah Casey" Hi,
Just gone on your site and loved it! Have to admit not a skater myself, but enjoy watching - bit too old to start now, but my 4 year old daughter is desperate for a skateboard and keeps asking for one.. Can you help and advise me what to get her?? Do I get a 'mini' sized one or go for a full size one that she just start to kneel-on to get going???
This is a genuine requested for help and we really are going to get her one.
Hope to read you soon   Hannah

Hi Hannah,
Great you contacted us! WOW, your daughter is 4 and she wants to skate! That's fantastic.
First I would suggest searching for the proper protective gear. You are going to want to find a helmet that goes down the back of her head and the front of her a Protect helmet. There are also many great Childs helmets to look for. Try not to get a bike helmet. They are designed for different types of impact. go to a sports specific store and ask for a skate helmet...It's a big enough sport now that stores should know the difference.
Skateboards come in many different shapes and sizes. it's hard to tell you what to by with out knowing how athletic she is and what her size is....but I have seen little 5 year olds on adult size skateboards and working it. Again go to a sport specific store......maybe find one that sells a variety of boards.....and please don't let the attitude that comes along with the young sales kids get in your way....... (I know, I use to be one of them.) Find the most narrow and lightest board for her. It's ok for her to be the same board I would skate on. Good boards can run you up to $100 or more....but you can settle for a low end one for her at a third the's not like she will be ollie-ing right off the bat........she will probably want to learn transitions first, which means pumping back and forth on a ramp. Good luck and please send us a picture of her when she gets started and we will post it!   Cya ~ Kate

Well - That 'bout sums it up for today! We hAVE a lot more to put up sonce the season has begun... for MORE BlADE GIRLZ - click HERE!! Send me some photo's - news - good stuff - after all - we deserve a place of our own!!! (please also send a self addressed stamped envelope with your pics so I can return them - no hassle - when I'm done) . . . or E-mail ME!

Have a Happy!! - Kirsten

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