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Our Charter Tenancy Programs are:
Boarding for Breast Cancer

Darryl Hardin  - NISS Champion Ghost Run "Sponsorship Logo Signage" can achieve Consumer Brand Name Recognition better than television or the printed media, for a fraction of those costs.

Like "Stadium Signage", Interactive Banners not only offer brand name exposure, but also offer an opportunity for product announcements, event promotion, etc. Unlike "Stadium Signage" Interactive Banner Placement affords opportunity to order products, offer free samples and gather information.
For more information on Corporate Sponsorship Programs - Please Click Here!

"Micro Sites" are full websites - or mirrored portions of your already existing website, that reside directly on Xtreme Central. They are perfect for new product roll outs. They provide excellent opportunities to present product details, to collect customer information and effect a simple form of direct sales on the Internet.

XTREME CENTRAL assumes the responsibilities of promoting it's hosted "Micro Sites" for a contracted Flat Monthly Fee, or a Percentage of Sales with a monthly minimum, if more appropriate.

Placed directly into our "high traffic" Zone - your "Micro Site" will begin to appreciate qualified Internet Exposure immediately.

Levis spent a rumored $3,000,000 on their version of a typical "Destination" web site.
Levis quickly learned that the $3,000,000 budget would have been better spent, supporting several low maintenance "Micro Sites" on the already established "high traffic" compatible psychographic "destination" web sites for months.

We listen to the words Full Micro Site hosting on our "Xtreme Mall" with optional complete E-commerce Facilities

The advantage of moving your site onto XTREME CENTRAL goes beyond the "hot" address. (you can keep your own Domain Name if you have one)
Unlike the standard web hosting service, this location affords you instant access to an already established market and the inferred product endorsement of it's hosts.
You become an instant tenant in a "high traffic zone" much like a tenant in a physical mall. The responsibility of the content of your site and your business is your own (unless other arrangements are desired.) The responsibility of the Host services, Promotions and the Targeted Traffic are ours.

We specialize in "Aggressive Web Site Management". This is an ideal situation for any business, targeting this market, who would rather concentrate on their own business and leave their site management and success to someone who understands their goals.

Designed for long-term relationships, we offer an optional "secure server" environment, shopping cart, credit card processing, auto e-mail response and what ever else you may need to reach your E-Commerce goals.

Add YOUR Product - Our "Boutique" of KEWL STUFF!!
Target Online appreciates the fact that so many of you are trying very hard to get your wonderful product line off the ground -

Teenage Connections but unfortunately, have limited funds and resources.

This program offers FREE EXPOSURE on Xc and another Retail Source of your product, for those facilities who are willing to either drop-ship or entrust inventory.

A BIGGER BANG for the $$$

Advertising is expensive! Printed media has a great deal of overhead costs to contend with - not the least of which are the price of distribution and the hard cost of time and materials. Full and half page 4 color ads carry average fees of $6800 - $3500 for 8x placements. The magazines charge subscription fees, limiting their audience exposure.

XTREME CENTRAL Charter Tenant packages begin at a fraction of the above mentioned costs. Please contact our sales department for the specific rates dependant on your needs.

P.S. - Many magazines, who have created "online mirrored presence", charge subscription fees with "pass word access" for online viewers. EXTREME CENTRAL does not feel that our online target audience will support that attitude - and will, instead, support "free to the audience" efforts, such as EXTREME CENTRAL with their attendance. Our numbers tell us that we are right!

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