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grind I really could not have done this with out all of you. To those of you how participated in the First Annual All- Women’s Skate Festival, YOU RULE!

It was the most amazing event to watch. Girls pulling back flips and clean 540s, huge wall ride transfers and plenty of beautiful grinds. If the ASA doesn’t recognize the new talent that’s out there now then I don’t know what to say.

Very special thanks to Carrie Foryes, my head judge and CO-director the moment she arrived at my house. Lissa Kinn for saving my butt. Those of you who don’t know her, she’s been sk8ing on the Am circuit for 3 years now and truly sk8s cause she loves it.

Naomie Ross Thank you to all the pro’s for coming out and supporting the WASN, Carrie Weldon, Robin Miller, and Susan Haveland. Special thanks to the pros who judged, Jenny Curry (I know you had a good time…….miss attitude), Kelly Mathews & the surprise of the day, Salima Sanga.

If anyone is interested in a poster of the event, I have plenty left over. E-Mail me!

Ex-team Rollerblade skater Dana Girodano took most of the pictures in the poster. I want to thank her and my friend Gabbie Mottola for the design.

Shelley Brooke, from Xtreme Central, took all of the photos for here and the Review over at BladeGirlz.com.

Most importantly……thank you to all my volunteers, Debra, Walt, Jay, Udi, John, Loren, Mayhumon, Bill, Surf, Rah, Ray, Migual, Joel, Lisa, my sister Julie, my Mom and my boyfriend Tamas.

Chris Edwards The coolest surprise was Chris Edwards! I couldn’t believe it. I was honored. Chris, as some of you may know, put together the Diversity Tour. He’s been traveling around with other pro sk8rs showing up at Am competitions. Chris got on the mic and started rapping and it set the day in the right direction. Thank you so very much Chris for coming and hanging out with us!

Then I turned around and saw another old-schooler….Jess Dyrenforth. Many of you only recognize him as a photographer for Daily Bread, but I fist meet him back in 92 when he sk8ed for Team Rollerblade’s Vert Team. Back then we called it "Stunt sk8ing".

What an Amazing day! Jess kept thanking me for a great time. Your very very welcome Jess, my pleasure!

Thank you to all the Parents for all your support, especially since you are their sponsors.

Our raffle was a success and congratulations to all the winners! AND THE AFTER PARTY WAS THE BOMB! I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 1:00am, but I heard it went till the sun came up.

Janna Ivey The big question now is……am I going to do this next year? All I can say for now is YES.

My goal is to bring it to the West Coast. Or maybe down to Florida. So starting right now

I’m looking for a Skate Park
that will host
the 2nd Annual WASN Festival.

If you think your local skate park is good enough and cool enough….meaning they are cool to sk8rgurls, then pass them to me.

The phone has been ringing off the hook for information about sk8er gurls since my event took place. In fact On July 29th , myself, Kelly Mathews and Chenique Zayas (winner of the free week at Woodward for best trick, back flip pictured above) sk8ed in a fashion show here in NYC modeling “FULL BODY GEAR” the collection by 33 Degrees. It was a way-cool groovy atmosphere also promoting “Y2K Beat The Clock” the definitive Electronica collection album.

So for now - let me know what you think! - Kate

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