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By now many of you have had a chance to view the information about
"the First Annual All-Women's Skate Festival",
but I have so much more to tell you!
First off, thanks for all your cool e-mails about The WASN. You know what they say … Never give up your dreams! Your compliments are inspirational!
In fact, just when I'm thinking of stopping skating, I get this most amazing email from Pam Stevenswhom I interviewed last November. She's living in NYC now and rocking 108 skate Park where I'm throwing my event.
She kicked me in my butt and said, "you go girl", thanks Pam!
Skating is my life and the whole "life style" thing….well……I GOT my own style, I like a lot of different things. Music is a huge part of it. Couldn't live with out it. I'm really into drum and bass right now. I love to read…mostly science fiction. In NYC I get to see really cool performance art, which I love, and I Skate! That's inline.
Before I did inline, I roller-skated, and before that, I skateboarded when free-style was really in. So what ever you're into…it doesn't matter what you did before, girls…….if you want to skate…..DO IT!
I have been working very had to make this Festival just for you. There will be something for everyone there, so I hope to see all your smiling faces. The most exciting prize as of now, is a week free at Camp Woodward for the last week in August. Those of you who don't know about Camp Woodward, it's THE Coooooolest Skate Camp in the world in the middle of Pennsylvania. I think I'm going to award it to "best newcomer."
Rollerblade Skate Company will be there with their demo van with lots of give-a-ways. 1stplace winner in the advanced category wins a pair of their aggressive skates.
We got Harbinger Protective gear, Hyper aggro wheels as prizes and Transpack skate bags to award in all 3 categories, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Daily Bread Skate Magazine will out in full force with such prizes like free one year subscriptions and mags to hand out.
We also got Buggirl clothing heading up the Fashion show that will be at an after party in a NYC club and you are all invited!
Word has it FABIOLA will be the headliner at the fashion show.
Kelly Mathews, the 98 ASA pro street champion will definitely be rocking it during the event. Jenny Curry is Deffinatly coming...
I got the hottest NYC and Philly DJs spinning all day long plus we are raffling off a set of Chappell Skiboards, a Dash-Board (a modern-day Scooter), Both valued over $500, clothes from Hangers, Wizdumb, and X-Dreem which are all unisex.
Most importantly……..you don't even have to compete, you can hang out meet girls from all over and have a JAM Session.
Where else can you Jam with this many girls at once…….RIGHT!
I was just hanging out with the Senate guys here in NYC for a clothing trade show called Vibe Style, and they all want to come, (Arlo Eisenburg and Shane Saviors) and check out the girls skate scene. I know the Disla brothers and Joe Dedentra will be hanging out as well as John Ortiz.

Many of you have emailed me about being an ASA member. Yes, if you want to enter the ASA AM street contest you must be a member.
Check out their site at: http://www.aggroskate.com/wasn for more information. There will also be an ASA representative at the Festival with ASA membership forms to sign you up on site. The membership fee is somewhere between $15-20 for a year.
If you do not wish to join that's OK, you can still enter the mini-ramp contest and compete.

The ASA isn't for everyone…. The ASA AM-circuit is designed so that you can work your way up to their Pro-circuit and qualify for the X-Games. If you enter in the advanced category, you can qualify for reginals and then you have a chance to go to the finals in Las Vegas in Oct where you can qualify Pro.
When we get closer to the event, I will post pre-registration for my Festival on the WASN page.
Good luck girls and keep practicing!
Contact me with any questions and your home address so I can send you all out flyers for the festival.
Later Skaters! - KateJ

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