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Pam Stevens

There are many women skaters that are making a difference today Pam Stevens is definitely one of them.
Her interview is the first of many interviews of girls that are just as crazy about skating as I am. Read this then go out and skate!
See ya at the Park, Kate

WASN: How long have you been skating? How old are you?
PAM: I'm 23 years old and have been skating for about 10 months.
WASN: How did you get into it?
Pam: I was introduced to aggressive skating by my best friend Brandi Miller! She has been a great inspiration to me! I remember not long ago looking back and watching her drop in on quarter pipes, thinking she was crazy! Not long after, She then encouraged me to try it and I fell in love with it! Sheís taught herself everything! I have been lucky to have her teach me and push me beyond my fears. I owe a lot of thanks to her!
WASN: Tell us about your teaching?
PAM: Brandi and I work at an enrichment program for children ages 5-12. We were very interested in providing the children with the same opportunity that we had! "Skating!"
We built a small quarter pipe, tabletop, and a wedge for the children to learn on! Soon after, Our "Rollarblade" club took off!
Brandi Miller, Kate Gengo and Pam Stevens at the ASA Finals We started by teaching the kids about proper safety requirements, ways to stop and fall, and how to have fun! And then... before we knew it, The kids were launching off the ramps, and grinding.
These kids took so much interest in the sport we now have a spine, an 8ft long grinding box, and more ramps being built! We have about 25-30 Kindergarten students active and about 20-30 1-6 graders! It's an awesome opportunity to give younger children the same opportunity that we have! It's not as easy for them to go to a big skate park and learn! They need a lot of instruction and support!

WASN: Who do you like to skate with?
PAM: Who do I love to skate with? Hm... Brandi of course, but I like to skate with Jason Ninneman and Adam Feld! They have been a huge amount of support for me!
If I could have one wish though! It would be to have more females to skate with! Brandi and I have met some females that have come to our local skate parks but they never seem to stay with it!
We always take time out to help them and make them feel comfortable to! Feeling comfortable and accepted in this sport is very important! You don't want to go to a skate park where everyone treats you as if youíre in their way! I think thatís a huge reason why a lot of girls don't stick with it!

Kate's WASN  Mascot! Everyone has to start somewhere! And we should all support and help each other grow and excel in the sport!
So, all you girls out there, "Remember to support those who are just beginning!" We need to show them that they are accepted, supported, and wanted! And Our sport will grow!

WASN: Does being sponsored mean anything to you? Would it make a difference?
PAM: I do not care about being sponsored or going pro! I skate because I love it! I will admit that when I first started and all the hype around me was about being sponsored, etc. I wanted it! I think just because I'm a competitive person! But as time passed and I observed the sponsor and pro scene, I realized why I started and stayed with the sport! I skate because itís so much fun and it's given me the opportunity to meet lots of cool people!
I feel that it's too easy to get caught up in the sponsor scene! Don't get me wrong, It's nice to be able to represent a company and get free skates! It's nice to have someone pay for all the contests to; this sport can be very expensive! I know that I love to compete, I love having the opportunity to skate with other female riders! I just think everyone should remember to be true to the sport and other skaters! We, as females should support each other!
We don't need titles to be strong! WE HAVE EACH OTHER!

Later, Kate

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