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Holiday greetings to all!

I stuffed my face at Thanksgivings and Iím totally looking forward to the rest to the season. Whatever you celebrate, Ckannaka, X-mass or Kwanzaa, the food always rules! Right!

Carrie Weldon from TX Well the ASA finals came and went. New faces and old places.

Leviís provides the after partyÖ.but do we really care. My concern is if a corporate non-skate company comes in to sponsor us, are they willing to work with us at a grass roots level? Help out the amateurs and most of all recognize women skaters is what I say!

OK. Enough with all that complainingÖ at the finals I meet some pretty impressive new girls.
13 year old Fallon Hefferman

13 year old Fallen Heffernan won AM vert and took second on AM Street but unfortunately she isnít able to turn Pro because sheís too young. She was busting 540 and miller flips trixs I canít do for sure.

Stephanie Tolle from TX

Arlo Eisenburg Skate Parkís pride and joy, Stephanie Tolle, whoís 13, did however qualify pro when she won AM Street. Sheís as smooth as FabiolaÖno joke.

K03.gif - 34543 Bytes

Shasta Tumillo from California

For your interest on who placed - it goes like this:
The Pro women were out in style. Sometimes I canít believe Iím skating with that many kick ass women at once when I go to these competitions. Girls from all over the world with the same passion as me. I love it!

Kelly Mathews from New Jersey The biggest surprise of the comp was my hometown girl (well close to my hometown, sheís from Hoboken, NJ) Kelly Mathews taking first place.

Actually I knew she could win because we skate together all the time, but this time she blew it up! She pulled beautiful transfers to grinds, floating airs and huge wall transfers. She landed everything. Congratulations Kelly, youíre my hero!

Salima Sanga     from            Switzerlandwith her new Body Piercing

The Pro Street results goes like this:

Ayumi Kawasaki and Fabiola da Silva

Pro Vert results goes like this:

Competition isnít for everyone, but I think we all know that. The one thing I always get from these events is the opportunity to skate with the best. Itís thrilling and challenging a rolled into one. Even if you think you canít do well at a competition the experience of it all is worth it.

Robin Miller from Ohio So try it some day or come to my event next summer for girls only. Come jam with girls from all over the world. Check back for an update and check out the interview with Pam Stevens, an amateur with the heat of a Pro.

E-mail me and let me know about your skate adventures. Kick ass and ďparty till itís 1999!Ē

Later, Kate

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