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Until now there was no way for girls, who challenged themselves in this very exciting fun sport of aggressive Inline skating, to find each other.
The WASN is a "local corner" that we all can connect with. The more you connect - the more you'll see the cool people, and places that make up skating.
So girls, Lets do like the sticker says, "lets Kick Ass!!"
Thanks for all the support!
Kate Gengo :)

Kate's gonna be on TV!!!
Check it out!

Brace yourself for another season !!
It's SPRING 2002 and i've been on the road ..

HERE's my latest

AND ... I've been hangin' with 2 AWESOME skaters..
Check 'em out:

Kelly Lambeth

Jenna Downing ... ASA Pro

I've also been thinking of changing our name from the Women's Aggressive Skating Network to The Women's Alternative Sports Network. My thinking being that there are many other Outrageous Women doing Incredible things in other venues ... i'll be back ASAP with the WATSUP in Snowboarding and you'll see what i mean. i would also appreciate anyone's thoughts and comments on the name change.
Cool! Thanks!

theSecond All Women's Skate Fest

And don't forget all of our other interviews and updates found in our "Skater News 'n Reviews Section!!

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Please write me and send me pictures of your self.

Thanks, Kate

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