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Hey !! It's SUMMER!!!

……and less then 2 months till the WASN Skate Fest 2000.
If you haven't found out how to get to New York City yet check out our "directions from all points". If you are still wondering were should I stay, check out "Hostelling International" Just 5 blocks away from Riverside Skate Park!

Michele from Switzerland. Many have been asking how the day will go.
Registration will begin at 10:00 am and close at 12:00 PM.
The street competition will begin at 12:00 PM starting with Beginners, then Intermediate and Expert/Pro follow.
Each category will be awarded 1st through 3rd with trophy's and great product from our sponsors.
Michele from Switzerland (left) and Soul grind on the street course (right below)

Michele from Switzerland - Soul grind on the street course We will run the contest WITHOUT individual timed runs but instead a 15-20 jam session with all competitors skating at the same time in each category.

The Expert/Pro category will have a cash purse of $1000.00. So if you are not a pro and think you got the tricks, skate in this category for a chance of winning CASH!
The mini-ramp contest will have all levels skating together in a jam format. The purse for the mini-ramp contest is $1000.00 plus product!

PRE-REGISTRATION must be in no-later than July 25th. For the form - Click Here!
Each event is $20 and if you want to skate both, $35.

The Hermosa Beach Bash If you are not at all interested in competing the roll around fee is $10 for the day. Guys are permitted to skate for the roll around fee as well.

I hope to see a lot of the same faces as last year and some of the new ones!
The Hermosa Beach Bash Girls (left)

Speaking of new ones The Hermosa Beach Bash out in California was indeed a blast! I saw some familiar faces like France Raymond from Quebec, Jenny logue from England, and Laure Gaillet from Switzerland.
Saaya Ikeda  ally-oop top side It was a an International turn out. I met 17 year old Saaya Ikeda from Japan who was cranking out technical tricks like an ally-oop top side around the quarter-bowl. The American girls rocked with Debra West turning Pro by the end of the day with such tricks like this fish brain around the quarter bowl. And the best surprise of the day, Fallon Heffernon placing first on street for her first ASA win. Go shorty rock!
Saaya Ikeda ally-oop top side (right) and Jenny logue - Launch to soul grind during her run (below)

JennyLog.GIF - 31419 Bytes It was a very cool gathering which set the preference for the WASN Skate Fest 2000, in fact many of the girls at the Beach Bash confirmed that they will be attending our girls event and were looking forward to it.

Debra Fish Brain

Debra West - Fish Brain (right)
Another really cool thing to think about is the week end right be for the Skate Fest is the ASA Pro Tour stop at Camp Woodward. Many of the pro girls like Fabiola, Ayumi Kawasaki, Kelly Mathews, Fallon and new pro Debra West will be heading to NYC right after Woodward to hang with us at the WASN Skate Fest 2000.

Well next stop, The Gravity Games!

Now go out and grind!

What to expert in our next entry: I meet many new faces at Hermosa and had a chance to speak with a few about their thoughts on skating. Look for interviews with Brenna Jenkins who just placed 3rd in the NYC NSS comp and 12 year old Allie Patterson. Plus what the NSS is all about and all the new inf. as we wind down to the WASN Skate Fest 2000

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