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This will be the last entry before the August 5th 2000 WASN skate competition sponsored by Mac Gear.
If you haven't heard already the Syrenz B-Girl Hip Hop group will be shaken it for us. Not many all girl Hip Hop dance groups around and we got them for the event. I know a lot of you like to dance and love Hip Hop.
Event T-shirts will be donated by www.Bigflirt.com Check out their website for the latest in girls fashions.

Great news about our newly turned pro Debra West, she got the last wild card into the summer X-Games for street. Also Anika Winter got the last wild card for the Gravity Games for street.
News Flash- just got back from the Gravity Games and the ASA psyched Anika out and said they made a mistake?!?!?!!? and took her wild card away from her. Jenny louge got it instead- and Anika, who flew all the way there at her own expense, could just stand there and watch?!?!?!? Watsup with that? OUTRAGEOUS!! (Let us know what you all think about that please!!) Congrats to the both of you.

Fallen and Peterson - Hermosa Beach Bash On a technical note and from the word on the street, Fallon Heffernon should have gotten one of those wild cards because or her tour rankings………oh the politics of skating. But after talking with Fallon for an hour on the phone she's just happy to be a live. She's handling it well. She said just watch out for next year.
Fallen and Peterson - Hermosa Beach Bash (right)

Many skaters ask, "why only 5 girls at each comp?". Well I'd like to answer that but it would turn me into a bad person. Seriously, the ASA has its reasons. They may change from comp to comp and you have all seen it. So the only way to change things is to tell them there should be more girls allowed to skate.
When I did the X-games it was 8 girls. But they made cuts all around in every sport. But it still comes down to the ASA decision and they are the governing body and every athlete and parent has a right to suggest changes to support the growth of the sport. So keep this in mind.

Now more on the WASN Sk8 Fest 2000 August 5th , 2000

Volunteers! I need volunteers!
If you are a skater then please show up at Riverside by 9am and I'll put you to work. Volunteer work involves hooking up banners and setting up booth tents.
If you are commited to volunteering and you are a competitor, I'll wave you entrance fee. Please contact me if you are interested!

Big Big news from the WASN, we are starting a video project. There will be cameras at the event shooting girls who have the most technical skills. So save it all for my event gang and let me know what you got. If you are in town the week before let me know cause we will be shooting that whole week.
Next up the Gravity Games! and a full report on THE event of the year the WASN Sk8 Fest 2000 sponsored by Mac Gear.

Peace Out .. Kate ...

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