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Hotel information for the WASN Sk8 Fest 2000

I was calling around to see if NYC had any affordable accommodations for you guys. Then someone informed me that there is a Youth Hostel right by the Skate Park.
Well I decide to go and check it out and I was very impressed. If you have never stayed in a youth hostel before it's like staying in a college dormitory with bunk beds and you share the rooms with other guests. I have reserved several beds in my name, Kate Gengo / WASN.
If you are interested you must call the hostel and ask for my reservation then ask for the number of beds you wish, then reserve the rooms in your name and with a credit card.
The beds are $27, $30 &$33 per person per night depending on the number of beds in the room.
You can join the hostel and become a member which allows you to room for cheaper rates any where in the world at another hostel. I stayed in Hostels in Switzerland, England and Chicago in the past and always had a good time. Membership cost $25 if you live in the US and $18 if not. If you are non-member add $3 per night which is added towards a membership.
The beds have sheets and all but bring your own soap and towel.

For reservations call: Hostelling International- New York 891 Amsterdam, New York, New York 10025 (103rd St) 212-932-2300 / fax 212-932-2574
... Remember ask to reserve the Kate Gengo / WASN rooms in your name.

Contact me if you have anymore questions. Wasup@erols.com - peace

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