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Happy September-October

It's been over a month since the First Annual WASN Sk8 Fest and letters are still pouring in, especially from the parents. We had over 40 girls sk8ing around that day, some competed, some rolled around for fun and the parents were right there watching. So keep your letters coming in parents. Tell me your experience at the First Annual All Women's Sk8 Fest, I'd love to hear from you.

this is a sweat stance-sk8r, Kristen-photo by Patrick Haley

One Parent wrote:
Dear Kate,
I just want to say a big Thank You for supporting my daughter Kristen In a recent article about the Women's Competition (YEAH!) in NYC this past summer, you said you were so glad to have meet people...like Kristen! You made her week!!!! She looks up to you so very Much.

Oh, she made it to nationals in Ft. Myers. She is hoping that you are going to be there. So you are an idol to her. ~ And she's pretty picky!

By your example, she has mustered up the motivation and determination to make an impact in some way! A quitter, she is not! (As you can read, I am a proud mom!

I hope some day I can thank you in person. NYC's all-women's competition was the first time she got up the guts to compete - again, thanks to you!
Again - Thank You! - Kristen's mom

When I was traveling on the Pro Tour I became friends with many of the girl sk8ers relatives. Katie Brown's brother Beau Brown was always a great support. Carrie Weldon's Mother always had a smile on her face. The few times I met Angie Walton's Mother was a thrill. I honor these parents for sticking it out.

But recently many are very disappointed.

There are a few Rumors….I repeat Rumors, flying around about the future of the ASA tour. Unfortunately many sk8rs on the pro tour who are under the age of 18 are traveling with out guardians. Many are being chaperoned by team managers who they themselves are very young. As a result sk8rs are conducting themselves in….well lets say inappropriate manors.

So some say that the ASA is voting on if they should allow sk8rs under the age of 18 to sk8 on the pro tour.

Michele Parker of the ASA assures me that this is only a rumor. I believe her because if it is voted 18 and over that would sure leave out so many talented sk8rs both male and female.

I think the average age of a pro sk8r today is 16. Wow that's amazing when you think about it. Parents………would you send your teenager around on a competition tour with out any guidance?
Does a team Manager count as a guardian?
What if your teenager couldn't sk8 pro until she was 18, what would you do?

Girls let me know what you would do if you couldn't sk8 pro till you were 18? Remember it's just a rumor.

I would love to hear what your opinion's are. Email me at wasup@erols.com on this one gang.

On a truth full note many magazines showed up at the First Annual WASN Sk8 Fest to report about it. REACT Magazine was one of them. Check Out the interview they did on Jenny Curry over on their website: www.react.com

Look for articles from Sports Illustrated for Kids, Skating.com, Daily Bread and Box Magazine. sk8 festT-shirt by Noah's Art

If you attended, the Sk8 Fest posters were available and so were T-shirts by Noah's Art all with the WASN logo on them. Many of you have been requesting these items and now they are available to order through the WASN Web Page. Posters are $10.00 and T-shirts are $16 plus shipping.

The poster shows many pictures of girls taken at other professional sk8 competitions. Kelly Mathews, Ayumi Kawisaki, Robin Miller, Katie Brown, others and myself are included, plus the sponsors who supported the Sk8 Fest. Great collectors item.

33 Degrees Fashion Show

The 33 Degrees Fashion Show was CRAZY! They had Skateboarders, BMX flat Landers, Hip-Hop break-dancers, Martial Artists, Gorgeous Models and THE COOLEST SK8R CHICKS. Chenique, Kelly and myself are pictured here with the designer John Finch

It was so hot that night, we were all dipping wet from the lights. Makes you see modeling in a whole other light……not glamorous but hard work.

One really funny thing I remember……while back stage waiting to walk out to the runway this really gorgeous guy model started talking to us and all he could talk about was how gorgeous he was but he needed more Butt. When he walked way we all started to laugh. I guess models ARE really vain….hah hah, hee hee.

33 Degrees Fashion Show

Just recently did an interview with a German magazine - Spot On, and website. Spot On teaches kids English in very cool ways.

They did a section on what they call "trend sports" that included Street Luge, All- Terrain Boarding and Aggressive Skating (WASN).

I also had to record my voice saying some of the sentences in the printed article and German kids call this hot line number to here my voice. I had to say, "Parks are popping up all over the place," and "I learned how to grind on curbs and rails."

I wonder if we have something like that here in the states. Very Cool!

Even more exciting news……………..The WASN will be producing a Pilot for a TV show about Women in Extreme Sports. I begin shooting at the All-Girls Skate Jam skateboarding competition in San Diego September 12. I'll have lots of details in my next entry.

kelly The Gravity Games have begun! They are apparently doing a huge feature on Kelly Mathews…..well it's about time.

Well I'm off to California for the ASR trade show that will have a great aggressive inline section this year. Then I'm going to the NISS finals to support many of the girls who attended the WASN SK8 FEST. Good Luck Girls at both Gravity Games & NISS We are all supporting you!

Next month look for an interview with Debra West, a review on the '99 NISS Finals, Gravity Games pictures and what the ASR had to offer for aggressive inline.

See you there - Kate

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