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WASN Interview
Debra West

A Few Months back before I threw the WASN skate festival I got this email from a very proud Mother from Texas. She asked me if I had heard of her Daughter Debra West. I said no of course but some how knew that that was the beginning of a whole new relationship to the future of girls in aggressive skating.

Debra West

Corinne, Debra’s mother, keeps me posted on Debra’s progress and when NISS came to Texas this year it was the start of a promising future. Debra caught the eye of the judges,and they convinced her Mom to go to the next event, which was in Boston.

I ended up meeting them their and Corinne told me that they had driven in A RV all the way from Texas with a car full of skater kids. I thought,"What dedication!" Concerned and proud of her Daughter, Corinne did what any mother would do………pass Debra onto the older skater girls to chaperon.

So they we were at the Red Roof Inn at the NISS Finals in California, Jenny Curry, Lissa Kinn, Debra and myself.

1st to 4th- Fabiola- Anneke- Jenny then Debra West 1st to 4th NISS Finals 1999 - Fabiola- Anneke- Jenny then Debra West.

All I can say is that Debra is not average. When she came to stay with me during the WASN skate Fest in NYC, her nickname for the week was "devil child".

So I decided to ask her some serious questions to see if she was for real.

KG: Why do you think you’re on this earth?

DW: You see…there are too many bees and I was put on this earth as a bee swatter.

KG: How old are you?

DW: 69 all the time… No I’ll be 14 in November.

KG: Are you going with anyone cause Bashime wants to know?

DW: Waldo….no really I’m going with Lissa.

Nikki Adams walks into the room and says, "I heard of you." Like he had something to brag about. Debra’s eyes open wide with amazement.

DW: Like what?!

NA: "Jesus Chris!" As Debra spills a beer all over him. (Just so everyone knows Lissa and myself are old enough to drink)

DW to Nikki: Will you call my friend back home and say it cause he’ll never believe I’m hanging with you?

So they all brake out their cele-phones. Debra speaks to her friend I says, "Dude….guess who I’m sitting with….Nikki Adams!" After more small talk on the phone,

Nikki leaves the room and the questions continue.

KG: What are you going to be doing when your 23?

DW: Cadging the bees.

KG: What music are you into?

DW: The kind of music that makes me dance so me & the bees can jam.

By the end of the night we all decided not to let Debra have 3 cokes in a row….she was bouncing off the walls....

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