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Brenna Jenkins

Brennaís a native Californian and I just happened to find that out while watching her compete. The announcer, Arlo Eisenburg, said that she started out skating about 2 years ago, while working for Fiction clothing. Brennaís now 19 and lives in Oakland.

KG: now whatís the story about you and Fiction clothing?

Brenna Jenkins

BJ: Well I meet Chris Garrett at an ASA am comp 2 years ago and I actually was working at Team Paradise which was just around the corner of the Fiction offices. Chris just asked me one day if I wanted a job ad I said yes.
KG: So are you in school?
BJ: I graduated in 99 and I tried to go to college but that didnít work. I went for 2 days and I hated it. Iíd rather spend my time skating. I just quit this one job because it interfered with my skating. So All I do is skate now.
KG: So how do you see your self in the future? More comps or just casual skating?
BJ: I definitely see myself competing from now on. I love it, itís fun. I like to hang out with everybody. All my friends are from all over the world. Even if nothing happens Iíll still do it causes itís a lot of fun.
KG: Do you find this challenging and have you ever taken a real bad fall?
BJ: Itís not really all that challenging, but once I was at Marino Valley skate Park before they closed and I was going up the launch box and a biker was going over and we hit and it hurt. I got handle bars in the chest.
KG: well thanks a lot you are an awesome skater.
BJ: .. Iíll see you again soon!

Thanks again! - Kate
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