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Allie Patterson

One of the cool parts about being at the Hermosa Beach Bash this year is meeting all the new faces. Amateur aggro skater Allie Patterson was one of them and I got a chance to ask her a few questions on how she got started.

Fallen and Allie

12 year old Allie lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California and is in the 6th grade and is very proud to say she has a great personality. You almost have to break into this underground scene with a great personality or you just might get looked over. Although she is just getting started she has the passion and the drive to become pro status. Here’s what she had to say:

Allie Patterson

KG: How long have you been skating?
AP: For about 1 year.
KG: How did you get into aggro skating?
AP: well…I used to skateboard when I was 7 and I gave that up but regular skating always came simple to me since I started when I was 3, so I just kept with it.
KG: ……and then when did the aggro skating come into the picture?
AP: I heard it was more exciting and challenging. I always look for challenging things. So When I picked it up I just went out and tried it.
KG: your friends were into it?
AP: No my brother Shane, he is 8 years old
KG: So there were no other skaters to inspire you?
AP: No because my neighborhood was full of skateboarders and bikers, no bladers. So I just started going to vans skate park and learning all these tricks. I met some other skaters that inspired me.
KG: So how far do you want to take your skating?
AP: I want to skate all the time and enter more competitions. I really want to go pro.
KG: well for only skating one year you are skating great. But in order to compete with the top pros like Fabiola and Kelly Mathews, you really need to push your self.
AP: I know! I have a feeling that with in a couple of years I’ll be much better and I hope I’ll be landing all my tricks.
KG: Right on! Thanks and it was nice meeting you!
AP: Cool!

Thanks again! - Kate
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