Bionca Rannava`li

Meet Bionca Rannava`li

What is most recognizable about Bionca is her crystal Blue eyes.
She is soft spoken with this brilliant dyed red hair. A color I would like to use one day. Like most teenagers today she looks older then her age. She is mostly a vert skater, although she says she wants to get more into street...

Kate Gengo: where is Estonia exactly?
Bionca Rannava`li: Near Finland and Russia.
KG: How old are you?
BR: 16 KG: How long have you been skating?
BR: About 1 year
KG: Have you skated in any competitions?
BR: I have skated in many in Estonia and then this past summer I went to the ASA Stockholm, and Frankfort Germany.
KG: Is the scene big in Estonia?
BR: No, but we are trying to make it bigger. We are trying to build a park so we are looking for sponsors and my father is helping by working with other parents.
soul grind KG: So your parents support you.
BR: Yes, very much so.
KG: How did you find out about the WASN?
BR: I was searching for instructions on the web and another skater told me about your site.
KG: cool, very cool! How did you get into skating?
BR: I was hanging out one day and saw these kids one day in the street rollerblading in front of a skate shop. They were going off a mini-ramp and I thought, " I want to do that!"
KG: When you're not skating what do you like to do?
BR: well before I discovered skating I was into Martial Arts. I snowboard and listen to music.
KG: What kind of music are you into?
BR: I like Guano- Apes, Cypress Hill, Lauren Hill….stuff like that.
KG: Do you have a boyfriend?
BR: Well…not at the moment, but I used to.
KG: Think any of the ASA Pro guys are cute?
BR: Yes! Aaron Fienburg and Mike Budnic
KG: What will you be doing when you are 26?
BR: If my Father builds me a skate park then I will manage it. I will also go to a university but I am very interested in skating!

Have fun everybody!! - Kate Gengo

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