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Kristin Million
The first time Kristin wrote me, I asked her where she was from and how the scene was. She told me she was hanging out with Robin Miller, who I had mentioned was announcing at the Winter X-Games and keeping the inline female thing alive. Kristin wrote:

The scene here in Cincinnati is pretty cool. Robin and I are the only girls who really skate here. She is getting back into it a lot and has been giving lessons to a bunch of local girls and I hope they stick with it. The weather sucks so I haven't street skated since Christmas in Phoenix. I'm leaving here soon to go on a skating road trip.

Kristin's first leg of her trip:

kristin toppornstar

I've been living in Cincinnati since August. After a long cold winter, I decided that a road trip to California was in order. My first stops were Nashville, Tennessee and Dallas, Texas. With my car packed with everything I own, I headed out.

In Nashville, I was supposed to stay with David Mitchell, but the first night he split his kneecap in half on a stair.

Kristin doing a top porn star (right) ..

I ended up staying with this kid, Ryan, because he has a huge house and his mom always lets all the local skaters stay there. I met this girl named Amanda Duzak, who has just started skating. She and her dad have a grind plate company called Mechanism, which I'm sure you will hear of soon. They make great products and are going to make some clothes, too.

kristin topsoul

Nashville has a couple of free YMCA parks and a lot of great street skating. Vanderbilt has a lot of nice rails that we skated for hours. Everyone is really nice and some of the local skaters are very good. I had a great time and I can't wait to go back.

Kristin doing a top soul (left) ..

When I went to Texas, I didn't know where I was going to stay. I had lost Deborah West's phone number and couldn't get in touch with her. I figured I would just go to Eisenberg's to skate and figure it out later. When I got there the first person I saw was, of course, Deborah. She has gotten to be so good since the last time I saw her. She disaster true spin topside Porn-stared the gap from the quarter to the mini, which, If you've seen it You'd know, is huge. I was amazed.

The park is hard to get used to but it is really fun. I never really got to street skate but everyone said they have great stuff in downtown Dallas. When we weren't skating we spent a lot of time on the Internet and driving go-carts. Deborah's mom is great, she let me stay and fed me and stuff. It was a pretty fun place.

Now I'm at my parent's house in Phoenix, Arizona. I went snowboarding yesterday but I'm really looking forward to skating again. Tomorrow, I'm leaving for California. I'll be traveling from San Diego all the way up to Santa Rosa and will hopefully see more great women's skating along the way.
Kristin Million

Thanks Kristin - You're right on! - Kate
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