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The much-awaited news has finally arrived!
WASN SK8 Festival 2000
is FINALized!

First, I was up at the ESPN Winter X-Games in Mt. Snow Vermont and I witnessed some amazing Skiboarding. Does everyone know that Nicky Adams is a Skiboarding champion? skiboard Winners

Many of the skiboarders are also Pro inliners like Mike Nick and Serge Maheu. Serge placed 9th, Nicky won the bronze and Mike the silver. (left) Congratulations guys! It was so cool to watch you.

Robin and Mike

Chris Edwards and Robin Miller were on site announcers working the crowds and the awards stand. It was great because they were representing Aggressive Inline and having a blast!
Robin and Mike (right) ..

Just recently, this really cool sk8rgurl has been emailing me…. her name is Kristin Million. Her passion for sk8ing was right up there with the rest of us. She is my new hero! Kristin first wrote me after reading my "rumor report" about the ASA. (Latest and improved ASA news later in this article) Here are some of her thoughts:

kristin mini.jpg - 60723 BytesKristen Million (right) on the Mini ...

"I just read your update that the ASA dropped the women's division and I think it really sucks. I'm not sure why they did it but it's just not cool. If it was because there were only a few girls at each contest, that was their own fault for not qualifying any.

I was at finals last year and I could think of at least four girls besides Fallon who are as good, if not better, than any pro today. The women's division was set up to fail. It doesn't affect me personally because I don't compete much, but some girls depend on their income from competitions to pay the bills. And if the girls can't compete, then their sponsors will drop them too. The sponsors will have nothing to gain from the skaters anymore. Without sponsors it is really hard to skate as much as you want to.

It is easy when you're young and your mom takes care of everything, but out of high school you have to go to college or get a job, sometimes both. This doesn't leave much time for skating and improving your skills.

Also, without the little coverage that the ASA and consequently ESPN give women's skating, it is nearly impossible for girls to see what is going in the sport. Your website is really the only thing we have. Without television there is no way for girls who don't skate to know the sport exists, there are so few girls out there skating now and guys aren't usually very supportive of girls just starting out.

It is hard to stay motivated to skate when you can't see other girls doing it and everyone seems to be so down on women's skating. With the recent success of women's pro basketball and soccer, and the continued support that there has been for golf and tennis, the ASA would see that there is something to be said for women's skating. Maybe the ASA will rethink this decision or maybe something new will emerge to save our sport."

Well Kristin, the ASA did rethink things because of girls like you wanting fair play. All the recent changes are listed below.

Kristin also told me she likes to travel so I asked her to keep me updated on where and who she sk8s with. Unfortunately she doesn't have pictures but Check Out her story

Now back to the WASN Sk8Fest 2000!

Chris Edwards doing his MC RAP!! thing at Winter X

We are Proud to announce that you can be a part of this very exciting event on both Coasts this year. Our first stop will be August 5th again in the Big Apple, NYC, at my home Skate Park - Chelsea Piers. Chelsea Piers Sports Complex is a great location for the entire family to enjoy themselves.

While you are visiting, you can also Bowl or hit a few golf balls at the 3 level driving range. Check out the Field House and rock climb, use the batting cages, take gymnastics classes or shoot a few hoops in their basketball courts. But most importantly skate the ramps all day!

Chris Edwards doing his MC RAP!! thing at Winter X - (right) ..

Our 2nd, or more like a cameo appearance stop will be August 12th in Santa Rosa, Ca at Fabiola's local hanging spot, 7-Sunz Sanctuary Skate Park. This will be within Chris Edwards' Rolling Festival, the D=Tour.

Me and Niki Adams at Winter X

The NYC event is one week before the NISS NYC stop and the California stop is one week before the X-Games. This will make it very easy for all you Pros to stop by.

This year prizes include Roces Skates, Line Skiboards, Transpack and Triple Eight, Eulogy wheels and much more.

There will be all levels of competition with prizes and trophies awarded in each category - Plus a Pro/ Expert category where the amateurs can skate up against the pros to see just how great they really think they are. GO Sk8rgurls!

This category will have cash prizes (TBA). I am at this point announcing both street and vert comps but it all depends on if enough girls will compete in Vert. Unfortunately there is a lack of girl vert sk8rs today. And I don't mean mini-ramp. Well as far as I know… If you sk8 vert…tell me all about it please!

At both events there will be live DJ's and bands. In NYC there will be an After Party TBA and in California the event turns into an all night Jam Session!

Girls, it's only March and many more sponsors will be coming aboard including Disney Buena Vista Music Group. This could mean really cool DJ's spinning and lots of cool music give-a-ways. There will also be a Raffle again which last year, turned out to very successful! Parents, friends and non-competitors had a chance at bring home cool product.

I am still negotiating weather to have an ASA Am event like last year. I have asked many of you "if not having an ASA Am qualifier would be the deciding factor for not coming to the WASN Sk8 Fest 2000, and do you think other girls would decide the same?" You all responded pretty much like this:

"Hey Kate! Thanks for all of the inf. you sent me on the ASA Am Circuit. I'm really looking forward to competing. About Sk8Fest 2000, I would MOST DEFINATELY go.... with or without an ASA Am qualifier. I think it's a great way for all of us to be able to get together and skate for fun. I really hope that other women skaters feel the same way, basically because it is a great way to promote our sport! I think that everything you've done for the sport has been great! I'm really going to try my best to go!

I hope to meet you soon!......Mizou94"

I would love to hear from more of you if you feel the same way! After my last entry, the ASA received many calls and emails about their Women's Pro Division. They worked things out and decided on some positive changes. From what I understand as of March 2000, women will skate with the men, but will be ranked separately from the men. 5 women will be allowed to register at each stop in each event. (Vert and Street) These 10 skaters must be confirmed by ASA prior to the event to guarantee entry. This does not apply to the Gravity and X-Games. They will keep it the same as last year, 6 girls in each discipline. The Am circuit is also the same as last year.

Recently, more questions about the NISS and how they run their girls division have been coming in. Every year NISS runs a separate girl division with separate practice times at each stop. The average number of girls that show up to skate NISS is about 12. They have the Pro and the Am girls all skate together. Clearly those that skate well, advance to the finals.

Big Request from Us here at the WASN:
E-mail us with all your new e-mails addresses and home address so we can add you to our mailing list if you're not already on it. If you're not sure, send it to us again!

More details about the WASN Sk8 Fest 2000 will be posted very soon. Keep checking back with us and E-mail your thoughts and what's going on in your head.

Peace - Kate **
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