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A month and a half to the big event!

I have been glued to my computer answering all your questions about the First All Women's Skate Festival.

First off I'm looking for Volunteers for the day of the event. Please give me a call at the office 718-782-9175 , 10am-2pm EST. if you are interested in it……I have special rewards for those that want to help out. Thank you to all that have offered their support so far… you all rule!

Well……..I've heard from girls who are coming from Texas, Colorado & San Diego. Wow, this is incredible!

Kelly Mathews - Farside Soul Just got back from Richmond Virginia and the X-Games Trials. Kelly Mathews, (left) my hero, won 1st Place Street.
The course was bigger and better then ever. Although I prefer more rails, (cause I think girls are really good at rails) the course was your usual ASA mini-vert course….And that's what Kelly's great at.

She Launched off the huge Box and road the wall just as high as Louie Zamora. That kid rules by the way. Kelly has this strength, and the only way I can describe it is, She's East Coast, Baby! It's that street thing like John Ortiz or Joe Detentra have. Kelly just got picked up By K2, and she's on their Pro Team now….Yah! Street Queen - Kelly Matthews

It's funny….I'll be hanging out talking to someone on a street corner in NYC and all of a sudden Kelly will skate right by you like the traffic with a few girl skaters trying to keep up. She definitely calls the shots in the NYC area, she's the new "Queen of Street" She can do both rails and transitions with so much style, it's beautiful.

Sayaba Yobe - Royale

Another girl is Sayaka Yabe. (Left) Sayaka won street at the X-Games in 97…..the year I competed. That was the best experience I had when I was competing. And yes I'm not competing anymore for the record, & can everybody please shut up about it. Thank you.

I went to the Virginia X-Games trials to see if the Pro's will be attending the Skate Festival and many said yes.

Jenny Curry, Fabiola, the Araujo twins from Brazil, Jenny Louge from London, Michelle Scott from Canada…who by the way qualified in vert for the X-Games. She is one of the most determined females today in the pro scene. Michele went to the X-trials in Kentucky prior to Virginia and with combined points she qualifies. Congratulations Mich….you go girl!

If you noticed, there are only 6 girls in each, two less then last year. I asked Mark Shays, "what was up with that?", he said, "More money for the athletes".

BEEEEEEP…..Wrong Answer! I love ya Mark but let them skate. I think you skaters are more competitive today and would want to compete up against more girls, RIGHT! Especially if you are all really close to the same level.
Let me know what you think? More girls or less girls at the X-Games? E-me on that.

An Now……………..for the much awaited pre-registration form. And to answer the questions about the entrance fee….yes there is one.
Money doesn't grow on trees ya know. So here's what you need to bring. $20 to cover the street comp, & $20 for the mini, and if you want to do both, it's only $30.

Remember if you are entering the Street comp you must be an ASA member. An ASA representative will be at the event with membership applications. The ASA membership fee for the year is $19. This is the only way to get to compete at the finals in Las Vegas if you want to skate pro and qualify for the X-Games.

If you don't give a HOOT about being Pro, the mini-ramp contest is just for you. The mini-ramp contest will have less judges and there will be no timed runs. All the skaters will session together taking turns and after an hour the judges will decide a winner.
I promised a cash prize to the winner and as of now unfortunately no sponsor has stepped up to help out with that one. So the money from the entrance fee will go right back into the prize. So the more girls skate the bigger the prizes money. Get it!

Get the registration form back to me ASAP via snail mail or email. Plus if you're under 18, get your parents to sign the waiver…….Thanks.J

Hay, if anyone is going to the Boston NISS, June 18-20, I'll be there, so look or me. I'll be the only girl skater with red Dread-Locks.
I'll have registration forms and flyers with directions I know some of you are going to skate NISS……..Good Luck and skate your ass off!

If any one would like me to send them a flyer that's not on this web page, then send me your address so I can put you on the WASN mailing list.
See you there - Kate

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