Women's Aggressive Skating Network My Interview with Fallen Heffernan!

Kate: How old are you? And how when did you start skating?

Fallen: I just turned 13, and I’ve been skating for 21/2 years, since I was 10.

Kate: Who inspired you to skate?

Fallen: Well my Mom who use to skateboard and my brother who skate boards now.

Kate: No way!!!!!! Your mom skateboards!?

Fallen: Yah, she can do inverts and stuff. And one day she took my brother and me to this other skate park here in Jacksonville called Kona, but I rollerbladed instead.

Kate: What’s your favorite park to skate in?

Fallen Heffernann - Ally-opp Soul Fallen: I like Central in Clearwater…..

Kate: Yah that place rules!

Fallen:…..And I like the one in Naples, Fl.

Kate: That’s were the ASA had their finals in 97….Are you mostly a skate park skater or do street skate and hit rails?

Fallen: I can do some rails but they have to be really low, cause I’m only 4’5’.

Kate: What do you think about all the talented girl skaters in your town?

Fallen: It’s really nice because we push each other and it’s easier to communicate girl to girl then girl to boy.

Kate: I know how that is. You skate better then most of the guys here, how do they treat you?

Fallen: If they don’t know me, they’ll stop skating when I start and just watch and I’ll say, “hay what’s up?” But usually they’re really cool.

Kate: You won the 98 ASA am vert championship but they didn’t qualify you pro. Do you want to go out and compete pro event though there is a lot of negativity for girls in the pro scene?

Fallen - Invert at Skate World

Fallen: Well I definitely want to go pro because I’m young and I’ve only skated in 7 competitions. They didn’t qualify me because they said I was too young.

Kate: BS, because they allowed Eight form Japan to compete when he was 12. And you got the skills Fallen.

Fallen: Yah….that’s OK, I’m having a lot of fun and my chance will come. I’m interested in the big cash prizes, if you know what I mean, so I’ll keep trying

Kate: Yah, a girl after my own heart! Did you like skating with all those girls at the finals?

Fallen: Yah! I like to see who will be my competition when I skate this year…it should be a lot of fun.

Kate: What other sports are you into?

Fallen: I like to run track and cross- country.

Kate: What kind of music do you listen to?

Closeup Fallen: Mostly alternative. Once I met Gwen Stofonie from “No Dought” She was cool!

Kate: Do you consider yourself more a vert skater then street?

Fallen: Sometimes I go crazier on street but I feel more comfortable on vert.

Kate: Did you like the ASA street course at the finals?

Fallen: The box jump was huge, but I really liked it.

Kate: Has any skate companies been talking to you about sponsorship?

Fallen: Just Fila, they approach me at the finals and said they’d like to call me. They phoned me once but I haven’t heard from them since.

Kate: I heard Fila is making some changes, so be patient.

Thanks Fallen! I’ll be looking forward to your smiling face on tour.

Later, Kate

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