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Women's Aggressive Skating Network Hey what’s up everyone!

I’ve been traveling again and saw some really cool things and skated with some really amazing skaters.

I was visiting my groovy sister Julie (who some of you might have read her articles in Inline Skater, Electric Ink & Warped) I competed in the Oceanside B3 ASA Pro- Tour event.

Robin Miller - Top side Soul

The street course was very difficult in my opinion & I am proud to say I took 8th and I had an awesome time because I was skating with my friends and girls that I admirer very much.

After the comp I met up with street skater extraordinar Mimi Shing. Some of you might remember her coming out in Daily Bread last year doing a Porn Star on a ledge.

Tosh at State Japan

Well we hooked up at the Daily Bread office and sessioned their mini ramp. Then we headed over to UDSU for some hard street skating. No pictures this time girls just use your imagination.

Kate doin' a 'Spur of the moment UNITY'

Most of the time when I decide to go out street skating it’s usually spur of the moment.

After visiting a few skate parks I attended the ASR show in San Diego. This show is the #1 skate and surf trade show in the world. Basically I went to hang with some pro skater friends and party.

Barbara, Jim Murphy and Me! Here I am hanging with my good friends Barbara, who I skate with and Jim Murphy pro skateboarder from NYC. Jim writes for Juice Magazine about skating and such. Andy Kessler is poking his head up in the background.

Andy is the coolest guy and a friend of mine for years.

He’s responsible for the new and improved 108th street riverside Skate Park in NYC. We love you Andy.

Andy and Jim are starting a skateboard company called Wounded Knee. The boards will be larger for those that like to skate bowls.

Off the All Girl's T-shirt

My main reason for heading out west was to go to this event called The All Girl Skate Jam, the first women only skateboarding competition.

This was the 2nd annual held at Escondito Skate Park.

I believe that this event was the most important event of the year. The girls being interviewed by FOX Sports Why may you ask? I even missed the NISS finals for this one. Well it’s simple; there were at least ten companies that sponsored the even, Vans being the title one. That meant that these companies recognized that girls are good at this alternative male dominated sport.

Katie Brown

Although aggressive inline gets a lot more exposure then skateboarding the struggles are similar.

Over the summer I had the pleasure of meeting the women responsible for making this event happen, Patty Segovia.

Cara-Beth Burnside - Photo by Patty Segovia I was overwhelmed by her passion to help women skateboarders. Patty does photography (like the photo to the left) skateboards, lives in Southern California, and usually can be found hanging out with her best friend and pro-skater Jen O’Brian. Jen was on tour this past summer with the Warped Tour in case some of you went and saw a girl on the vert ramp.

Over 120 girls showed up at the All Girls Skate Jam. It was incredible! The energy was awesome. There were girls from 7 to 35, from New York to Portland Organ.

Most of the girls came souly because they knew they would be skating with other girls.

Pro skater Jody “Grind” (named after her grinding ability) showed up in the support that more girls would get together and jam more often. “Girls skate differently then guys and when we get together and session it’s great”.

the youngest Competitior there! 7 yr. old Julian Stokes from Sara Santa, Ca. has been skating for 1yr. Started skating when she saw some boys “jumping off these curbs” and decided to get a skateboard. This was her first comp although a bit nervous Julian had a lot of fun.

The All Girls Skate Jam was an incredible inspiration towards my efforts to improve the women’s aggressive inline skate scene.

I hope to have an Aggressive Inline event similar to this event in the summer of ’99. Look for information about my event sponsored by the Women’s Aggressive Skating Network next year!

Oh, and by the way, I’ve taken up skateboarding and it’s a blast!

Next up I’m off to the ASA Finals in Las Vegas and I promise to take lots of pictures of all the skater girls.

Until next time, please write me and send me pictures of your self.

Thanks, Kate

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