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I bet you all thought I disappeared.What actually happened was a mini break from my computer and an awesome encounter with the snowboarding industry. I basically took off to hang out on a Mountain and be a snowboard bum and I had an incredible time!

To be totally honest with you, I wasnít really sure there was a strong girls scene anymore in aggressive inline. After producing the second W.A.S.N. festival, I was burnt out with an empty wallet.So I measured everything out, sent a few emails around and really didnít get the response I was looking for.So with that in mind I took a break with hopes of expanding my interests in the Action Sports Industry.

But an incredible thing happened; my absence made your hearts grow fonder and in poured your emails.Iím great full for all your kind words and I promise the W.A.S.N. is not dead.

Ayumi Kawasaki, Gravity Games 2000
Ayumi Kawasaki, Gravity Games 2000

I never intended it to be over I just had to expand my mind so to speak. I remember long time ago an industry person once told me not to bother participating in other sports, that it was a waist of my time.I thought how absurd. You can only grow as an athlete to do many sports.Itís called cross training. This of course is for all you serious aggressive inliners.

Which brings me to what Iíd like to focus on this yearÖÖÖto answer many of your emails, NO I wonít be holding a W.A.S.N. festival this year. You know what they say, quit while you are ahead. It was so F*~king cool and again thank you all for coming and sharing.A big shout out to Angie Walton for the full page she gave us in Daily Bread. My focus this year will not be on the competition scene, 



Some of you have asked for the ASAís schedule and Iíll post it Ďcause I wonít deny it, if you are good enough to make it to the pro scene then go for it.More power to ya!The coolest thing about the pro scene is hanging with everyone and the traveling. Most importantly, this goes out to parents as well, if a girl is under 18 you should be traveling with her.Be prepared to spend a lot of money on your travel expenses and keep in constant contact with the your Sports organizers, the ASA.Itís up to you to keep current with the lasted info.  asa@asaskate.com  

I love to snowboard but inline will always be my life. Something about rolling around on wheels that really makes me high. Itís a form of art.

[FrontPage Image Map Component]So to bring it back to my focus this year, Iíd like to hear from you more.Like Kristen

 Klem always is in contact with me and she just told me she wants to hold a comp in Pennsylvania, possible during the Summer X-Games this year.

Laura Anderson is doing a skate park tour to raise awareness for rape victims.I first met Lauren in at an ESPN pro Tour stop. I think what sheís doing so right on! Good luck girl friend! I asked her a few Questions ... Click here!

Send me your thoughts about your skating and what else you might be up to.Thereís allot of really good stuff go-en on.



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