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Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson is not one of those aggressive inline skaters you have heard about in the competition scene but one who loves to skate for passionate reasons. I met her along with her brother Justin Anderson a while ago at one of the ASA Pro-Tour stops in Texas where they are from. It was the ASA's first full tour year and I just had to be there. I had no sponsors at the time and thought one of the other pros would help me out. But I found myself alone after practice with out a place to stay. I actually cried in shock of the lack of kindness, until I ran into Laura and Justin. They totally hooked me up and I’ve never forgotten it. 

I kept in touch with Justin because he was involved with “Inline Skater Magazine”, but lost track of Laura until now. She writes me this very sweet email starting it off with, “do you remember me?” 
I always remember kindness. I was amazed and impressed with her idea to raise awareness for rape victims. This is an inspirational story and I wanted you all to know what she has to say. Thank you Laura, you rock! 

KG: Laura, you are doing a very brave and hard thing. Why did you decide to skate across America to raise
money for rape victims? 

LA: I myself am a victim of rape. It was a horrible, traumatizing experience. I blamed myself. It's taken me lots
of prayer and two years to realize I am not to blame. I was a victim. But now, I am a victor. I choose how I live
because of- not in spite of- what happened to me. 

KG: How did you get involved with RAINN? 

LA: I found RAINN while surfing the web. They are one of the only sources I have found that is completely
confidential and available 24 hours a day. They offer a hotline and they also put you in contact with the rape
crisis center nearest you, so you can physically meet with someone, if you would like. Their number is

KG: Are you doing this all by your self? 

LA: . I am the only one skating, but I do have a team of two other people who will
make my skating possible. Both of them are vital to this mission. We will be traveling
in an RV and resting there at night. I will be having live chats on my site twice a week
from inside my house on wheels. 

KG: Who’s funding this? 

LA: www.justforgirlssports.com and Corrosion Technologies are helping me by
offering product. RAINN is aiding in getting a sponsor to help fund it. More will be
involved very soon. 

Laura will be traveling around the country and if you keep checking back with
www.bladegirlz.com we’ll keep you up to date with her progress. We will know her
travel schedule very soon. What Laura hopes for is that you all could come out and
skate with her when she shows up in your area. If you’d like to contact Laura to add your support email her at:

She is also looking for more sponsors to help make this adventure a complete success. Get involved with her
cause it’s worth it! 

Thanks again! - Kate 

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