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Boarding for Breast Cancer News!

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The BBC got together with one of the coolest art exhibitors, Modart.  They did  an awsome thing with over 65 or your favorite riders and artists including Futura, Ed Templeton, Jamie Lynn, Sheltec Serra, Shepard Faircy, Lance Mountain, Tina Basich, Mikey Basich, Andy Howell, Evan Hecox, Andy Jenkins, Paul Frank, Peter Linn, Rich     Jacobs & Stash                                                                        


blacknwtsm.gif - 29476 BytesCustom breast molds were created so that all these really cool people could paint them....or do what ever they wanted to them to raise awareness for one of the most horrifying disease that strikes women.  Modart who's cause is "awareness + action" is producing 2 more of these shows in the nest 2 months that you all should go and check out.  

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March 23rd -April 11th at Red Five in San Fransico, 1474 Haight Street 415.552.6494.  Then at the Boarding for Breast Cancer event on April 14th in Sierra at Tahoe.

You can also buy one of these pieces of art if you go to and start bidding. So many of these plastered boobs were very unique looking.  Would love to have anything touched by any of the pro riders. Very Cool ! 

Please write me and send me pictures of your self.


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