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We've gotten so much GOOD STUFF sent in - that we decided to archive it all instead of replacing it - and then that way you can catch up on some of the HOTTEST LOCAL TALENT Out there!
And as far as the old stuff goes - those guys are still around - only BETTER!!!

Sometimes we get Universal type Statements . . .

everybody unite!

a message for all of you bladers, skateboarders, and bmx(ers)....

i give you props for staying true and hangin' tough. nowadays, it is very hard to keep up with everybody else's prejudice towards each other.
rollerbladers fighting the skateboarders or bmx(ers) fighting the rollerbladers blah blah blah.
you've heard the story too many times.
i just have to say, skateboarding will always be my first choice, because i grew up with a skateboard. i was a little girl in the 80s listening to punk rock and skating on a nash board (back when nash was all right).

Photo by Nikki Solgot

but the 90s is all about rollerblading, so most of you will choose rollerblading over skateboarding...that doesn't mean that we should fight, right?
any ways, it'd be alot more true if we all just got together and learned from each other. together we could kick the crap out of any force standing in our way (police might be the first start).
think about it. laterZ
Photo by Nikki Solgot

And now, Who's given up the Skinney today?

Hi I'm Brendan Murphy an 11 year old skater from Beverly

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