Hodgson at the Summer X Games
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wassup, peeps! i'm from Singapore and 15 yrs old. it's so kewl to know that there are more and more GURL skaters that kick ass!!!!
YEAH!!!! here, the good ones are usually guys but i hope that will chamge. well, me and my best friend, DEE, are gonna change that. well, after our big time sucking O levels that is.( it really suck, big time! ) anyway, just wanna say this!


Photo of Hogdson by Nikki Solgot

Hey Steph Tolle here,
This website's really cool! Mad props for all the lady sk8ers out there! Keep skating and don't let any guys put you down or discourage you.
Esther I skate, skateboard, snowboarded once (pretty darn good too for the first time ever being on snow) nevermind that, but I just turned pro in inlining last year in ASA. I have been aggressive inline sk8ing a little over 3 years. I'm 14 now and I got my first pair of inline skates when I was like 7 yrs. old. I live in Plano, TX, and I skate at Eisenbergs all the time.
I haven't scanned any pics of me sk8ing, but I will sometime. Tell me when ya want them. Well i gotta go. Bye dawgs!

Kawasaki Summer X 98 (Photos of Kawasaki by Nikki Solgot)

Wow , damn good idea! Rad site! Finally a way for girls to get recognised as serious skaters!
I'm just beginning so I'm finding out how hard it can be to actually pose a serious threat to any male bladers- usually they seem to think we're in it for a phase and should leave the real stuff to them -grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Still, i suppose there's one good thing - it's easier to get noticed as there aren't many "skaterchicks" around!!!
Keep it up-we shall get there one day! You've just made it a whole lot easier!! - seeya, Louise Kawasaki - Summer X 98

NYC skating - hi, kate,
i just found your website and it's pretty exciting. a good friend and i just moved to NYC from canada in january and we'd really like to get into aggressive skating.
up in ottawa, canada, we went to a skate park during the day(when all those awesome 12 year old skaterkids were at school) and played around on these little ramps a bit, but we're total beginners in aggressive skating. do you know how we could get started? can you get lessons? where are some good places to go and watch skaters that know what they are doing? i saw some huge ramps @ chelsea piers that were pretty exciting but not really for a beginner. thanks for your help, jody -


Hey - You're inluck Jody! Come out and join us for our First All Women's Skate Fest in New York happening real soon! You can catch the details as we get 'em over at the WASN site. Hope to see you there! - Kate

Here are some pictures of me skating sorry if they are kinda crap, but that is all I can send at the moment. I am a 15/f from London England and skating is life to me. - Bye Sofia


Nikita is an Icelandic clothing brand for sidesliding chicks. If you want to check it out let us know. It's designed by the #1 Icelandic snowboard chic, called Heida.
Stay cool girl, over and out

Kawasaki Wow!!!!! - Hey! my name is shavonne ~aka~ "sage" and i love aggressive in-line!!!!! i also have pictures!! i am the only female in my town who finds this hobby AWSOME!!!!
i am so glad there is finally a Womens skating association!! i have never been invited to a competition, i guess because i'm a female, huh!! well, now we shall dominate the skate world!!! i would love to get involve with this skating league for Women!! PLEASE write me back and let me know something! my e-mail address is: sexyshavonne@yahoo.com i am seventeen right now and am seriously thinking of a skating career after high school!!!!
thanx, Shavonne
Kawasaki by Nikki Solgot
That letter sucks - That letter saying the girls are so immature is so false its just a bit of jealousy because they realize that they cant be as graceful and beautiful as all the girls are on your page.
TRUE That! - Women really have their act together these days . . . We have a "TON" of Kewl and wonderful letters - ready to post - We just need some equally Kewl Pic's to go with them... SSsOo send 'em in - And Thanks! - Kirsten

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