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So like what was it like to be at the first Inaugural Gravity Games??... Gravity Games 1999

We Were There! ...

(... and it was really kewl!)
Motocross Kickin' it up! 1999 Mark Greenberg

Out of all of the comps and stops we made this season,

BMX Street course overlooking Downtown Providence RI - 1999 Mark Greenberg Gotta admitt - Providence RI really went "Way Out" to welcome the latest in Extreme Summer Sports!

(All Photos 1999 Target Online Inc.)

Providence allowed the Gravity Games to totally transform their beautiful downtown Riverside Park into a Mega Kewl facility..

Downtown on the Waterwalk - 1999 Mark Greenberg Complete with a "State-of-the-Art" HUGE SCREEN to watch the action LIVE as you relaxed by the Waterside . . .

Concert Stage with State House in the back ground- 1999 Mark Greenberg A full size Stage was set up on a large opened field (?) (I think it used to be a lawn... ha, ha) for the scheduled Local Band Concerts such as the AMAZING CROWNS and SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS - to kick it off.. (Awesome!) Nicky Adams and Nordstrom - 1999 Jason Sleczkowski, Pawtaucket RI
And that's where they had the Sponsor's booths - Gravity T's, cars, Video games 'n free mini deoderants - "Smellin' Sweet" 's my new middle name... ha,ha

Overlooked by the State House, and sandwiched between Nordstrom and the Waterwalk...

Major Mud Piles for the Motocross Competition - 1999 Mark Greenberg

Nicky Adams - Inline Street - Photo by: Jason Sleczkowski

the facility included an Awesome Mud Run for some impressive Motocross.
Drying out the course

It proved to be more challenging than originally planned after Friday's totally - "Flood Causing" down-pour.

Churning the dirt to dry it out

They got 5 inches of rain in 10 hours...ish - all of the events and concerts had to be called off 'til Saturday - (We booked out for Boston for the day... But that's another story...) And even then - it took crews over 10 hours to toss and turn the mud to dry it out enough to hold the course!

Matt Salerno  - 1999 Jason Sleczkowski, Pawtaucket RI Pro's came from all over to Hang out and enjoy their sport Matt Salerno on Street to left - Tony Hawk on Vert to right.

 Tony Hawk- 1999 Mark Greenberg not to mention friendly competition for some major Prize money!

For those of you with a taste for $#'s.... :
(Maki Komori - Ladies Vert below)

Maki Komori - Ladies Vert - 1999 Mark Greenberg

So from the looks of these figures - it's pretty Kewl to see Extreme Sports finally getting some major respect and recognition! Thanks to all of the dedicated athletes out there!

Stay tuned for more pics and the wraps for the various Divisions we covered:
Inline - BMX - Skateboard Vert - Skateboard Street - Street Luge - Motocross!
If anyone has any pics from the Down Hill Skateboard, Street Luge or Wakeboarding - send them in and we'll put them up!
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