Hi! - Welcome to Addy's Kitchen

Hi - I'm Addy

Hi! - I'm Addy

I don't know anything about skates or shoes . . . .but I do have some outrageous recipes 'n stuff that I got from my Nana's old, falling apart scribble book.
Kirsten and I have pulled a few off during those "late night sleep-over gigs" . . .
you know . . (and she can't cook for beans!) . . so I figured - if they worked for us . . . .anybody should be able to make these.

SSsOoo . . .

Pick your "Poison" . . .
ha,ha (and you can print them out so you don't get flour and yuck all over your keyboard)
- 'n let me know what you think!

This way to the kitchen . . .. . This way to the kitchen . . .

o if any of you have some 'GOOD EATS' to share with us - or crafty type things we should all know - send them to ADDY at 45 Park Place South, Suite 101, Morristown, New Jersey 07960 - fax 973-539-9552 - (a pic of you or your favorite spoon or something would also be cool! Or . . .E-mail ME!

"Bon Cooking!!" . . . Addy


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