This sucks! Consumer Product Alerts for kids

Welcome to our newest section:

Consumer Alerts Between Friends!

Just 'cause we're kids - doesn't mean we gotta get Burnt!

We know that this is a little different ... hahahhaaa - yeah - but like we've always been different .. ha, ha - .. that's 'cause

we're cool ....and GUTzy!

Remember when those creeps ripped off the Hot Rails? - and skaters started gettin' hurt 'cause their rail's were dangerous ... well - we put the word out and the whole nightmare came to an immediate end!

Unfortunately, quality control and good design are not always the top priority in this world ... Sad but true.

So we gotta look out for each other - hence - this new section:

"A place for peeps with legit. gripes,
where they can share their experiences!"

Me working....

Me First:
So we're comin' into the Xmas season ... and some of you maybe thinking 'bout new computers ...

Word on the Street -
My 19 month old crashed and is still just limpin' along - 2.5 weeks down time - 3 hard drive reformats... not fun .. AND apparently, I'm not alone ..
Rumor has it that these guys are swappin' mother boards left and right - and now that I'm payin' attention - there's horror stories all over the place!

And me?? Fortunately, I'm covered "Warranty Wise" ... but - I'm still waiting for my call back to tell me that my new parts are in for the swap ...

it's been 3 weeks!

It's really a shame - but you gotta be careful before you buy
just Be Aware ...

I'm gonna go skate now - but .. If you have any other consumer alerts you think we all should know about - E-mail me and I'll spread the word! -

like this one we just got in:

Gateway sucks fer sure
Dear Yomamma - I have a friend with a Gateway and boy I'll tell ya - I thought she was losing her ticky tock with all the problems she was having-
me? - I never woulda bought one in the first place- can't pay retail ..
it's against my religion- but hey, I'm happy to pass on the bummer trip she's been havin to my friends at the Death Squad Biker Club
Who know's maybe we could do some drive-bys at those dopey cow houses and bust-up some windows...
Thanks Snake ... Hummm..... interesting ...

Quick 'n Cool! Thanks! - Keep 'em coming! - Later - Slider.

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